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Liv Osthus’ memories of Portland’s glory days fuel the beloved stripper’s longshot mayor run.

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Liv Osthus, Stage Name Viva Las Vegas, Is Running for Portland Mayor.

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Viva Las Vegas | TEDxPortland

Portland, Oregon is the strip club capital of the world. In this thought-provoking talk, Viva Las Vegas challenges our prejudices and preconceived notions to consider sex work as a feminist enterprise, and stripping as art.

KGW Carpool

Viva Las Vegas to speak at TEDxPortland

"Viva Las Vegas" is known as Portland's most famous stripper, but she's also a musician, mom, cancer survivor and now a TEDx speaker. KGW Sunrise's Brenda Braxton spoke with her ahead of TEDxPortland.

PDX Candidates on Drug Reform

Portland's mayoral candidates share their thoughts on drug policies and what direction the city should be headed. Featuring Liv Osthus/Viva Las Vegas.

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