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Liv Osthus, also known as Viva Las Vegas, is not your typical mayoral candidate. A renowned Portland stripper, a passionate advocate for free speech, a strong proponent of the power of art to transform, Viva brings a truly fresh perspective to the political arena. Beyond her stage persona, Liv is a published author, writer, and musician, deeply ingrained in Portland's cultural fabric. Her vision for the city centers on revitalizing small businesses and the arts scene, recentering Portland on its vibrant soul. With a focus on hope and inspiration, she offers a refreshing approach to leadership, emphasizing listening and connection over traditional politics. Hers is a bold voice for change, ready to lead Portland into a brighter future.


Originally from the Midwest, Liv moved to Portland in 1996 after graduating from Williams College with a degree in cultural anthropology. She is a mother to eight-year-old Charlotte and has a 12-year-old bonus daughter, Beckett. Her partner is the artist Michael T. Hensley.



"Portland needs someone with a fresh, creative approach to lead the city into a more inclusive future. Liv sees better support for Portland’s small businesses and a vibrant arts culture as critical to restoring our sense of hope and wonder about this wonderful place where we live. 
Osthus has the compassion and grit we need to deal with tough issues of homelessness and addiction. She’ll use her experience as an artist, writer, musician and food service worker to bring the Portlanders often forgotten into the process of rebuilding the city. Osthus wants to bring downtown back to life and make sure every neighborhood gets a fair share of the city’s attention. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Viva for mayor."

—Jim Dixon
Small Business Owner


“By coming from a place of optimism, of belief in the power and beauty of what we have here, Liv Osthus brings a fundamentally different option to you as a Portland voter.” 

—Jed Alger
Small Business Owner


“Diva of the Demimonde."

—Katherine Dunn


“As someone who’s worked in Portland’s nightlife industry like Viva has for many years, I believe in her plan for Portland. She has worked downtown for over a decade and has witnessed all of the changes there, is well read and well spoken, and is part of the arts and music community. She has an uncanny ability to connect with people from all walks of life. We need a mayor who is part of the working class, a creative problem solver. We need the return of a ‘citizen mayor’. Viva is just that.”

—Kate Cloud
Entertainer & Event Organizer

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