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Earth Stewardship

Protecting, honoring, and listening to Mama Earth is Liv’s top priority, because, ultimately every conversation—be it about housing justice, about re-energizing creative communities, about empowering small businesses—has to begin and end with our beautiful planet.


Portlanders have invested billions towards environmental initiatives. But where does the money go? As mayor, Liv will demand transparency and measurable outcomes. Her team will examine climate solutions as a COMMUNITY, using data to track how effective our efforts are. There is no time to waste. We will investigate to ensure that slogans like “eco-friendly” truly are what they say, and that our Clean Energy Fund is truly clean, and equitably distributed.


We believe community discussion about our shared gift of water is deeply healing. Centering our rivers and our watershed in civic dialogue around how these precious resources are managed  is a priority for Liv. Her team will drive improvement management, oversight, and transparency.


Our climate is changing, fast. Portland must be prepared, and we must act as a community. Establishing easily-accessible community centers that are staffed and well-supplied to accommodate EVERYONE during climate emergencies is the NEW NORMAL in civic infrastructure. We need to make Portland a leader in proactive climate response. We need to protect the tree canopy we have, and invest in more shade equity throughout greater Portland.


Arts First

For every age, in every neighborhood.

Liv believes that aesthetic concerns are not luxuries, but rather vital necessities. The arts bring hope and beauty to us, and reflect truths that help us grow. “We are suffering from a crisis of hopelessness,” says Liv. She believes that Portland needs art, hope, truth, and beauty NOW MORE THAN EVER, and her mission is to center the arts and artists in civic dialogue. Liv sees a Portland in which artists thrive, where empty “zombie” buildings are repurposed as low-income housing, artist studios, and practice spaces. Let’s better support the arts, so Portland remains renowned and beloved for its creative souls and their inspired works. Funding schools abundantly, including arts programs, is also a top priority for Liv.


Housing and
Addiction Crises

Everyone deserves shelter. And everyone deserves to feel safe.


The addiction crisis that has swept our nation and crippled our downtown has proved intractable to the current administration. Liv believes this crisis calls for all hands on deck, collaboration, and transparency. What programs are working? In Portland, nationally, and abroad? Let’s use data and research combined with innovative thinking and radical acts of compassion and service and get our people HOUSED and WELL. We need to fully fund and support the services and service providers across our mental health system. We must radically increase the amount of low-income housing. And we must care for people who cannot easily care for themselves, whether they are otherly-abled, the very young or the very old, or people in crisis, be it addiction crisis or otherwise. We have a surfeit of empty buildings and several thousand people sleeping on the sidewalks in front of them. If we have the wherewithal to build skyscrapers, we can figure out how to fill them with people in need of shelter.



Connecting, Collaborating

As mayor, I will amplify and reflect the very best parts of Portland — to Portland and to the world. I will listen closely to Portlanders and to their elected leaders as we reimagine our beautiful city. We will have a new form of government in 2025, which is exciting! I can’t wait to collaborate with our expanded city council, with Multnomah County leaders, and with state and federal leadership to ensure that our brightest ideas and most heartfelt yearnings take form.

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